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A piano idea is taking form.
March 27, 2009, 9:42 pm
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The “build a better mousetrap” piece….

People who play pianos are  well aware of the complexity of a piano action.  [ scroll to the bottom of our Restoration page on KenHannah.com to see an action model]  Since returning home from a visit to the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany in 2008, Ken has been itching to design a mechanical playing mechanism that would break in a new action quickly and systematically.  We saw something similar in the piano factory abroad.   The goal is to break in an action before it leaves our shop by using  a systematic hard blow striking throughout the keyboard.  This machine will actually play in clumps, 12 keys at a time like John Cage using his forearms!    Ken would then be able to fine tune, regulate and voice the slightly broken in action and hammers to more quickly actualize their potential.

Working together with a machinist and a mechanical engineer, the project is now underway. As of March 2009 plans are off the drawing board and into the design stage~!

Stay tuned. [ pun intended!]

To think that my “work” at Aspen was to “play in” the 9 ft. concert grands after the technicians had worked on the piano and before the concert artists were playing.  Same thing…..get the kinks out.     My pleasure, k.


Unlimited potential….a joy or a frustration??